How To Automatically Extract Emails From Text Into Zapier

Dec 31, 2023

 From having a text with emails inside to having all emails pulled automatically from it

The manual process of extracting emails from text is a tedious and time-consuming endeavor that often involves going through the information, identifying the emails, and saving them somewhere. It’s a repetitive process and unproductive use of time.

In this guide, we will learn how to use the Tuulio integration within Zapier to automatically extract email addresses from text. This will allow us to incorporate additional actions into our automation workflows, such as saving the extracted emails into our CRM or sending direct emails.

Extracting all emails is easy with Tuulio's automated email extraction action. Configuring it in Zapier requires just a few clicks. Get work done with automation and no code.

Before you begin

Tuulio automation actions are intended to work with Zapier, because you can easily integrate with over 6000+ apps to create automation workflows.

For this tutorial, you will need to connect Tuulio to Zapier and then open the Zap editor.

If you haven't already, do it now with just a few clicks.

Step 1: Add email extraction action

It's time to add an email extraction action to your Zap. Click the + symbol below your trigger to add a new step.

In the search field, type Tuulio.

Search For Tuulio In Zapier When You Add New Action

Click inside the Action Event field to see the available options. Select Text Extract Emails.

Then click Continue.

Tuulio Automation Action For Extracting Emails From Text

Step 2: Map your field

Now select where you want to extract your emails from.

Click inside the Input field which is Text. Then select the desired text field from the dropdown menu to extract the emails.

Configuration form where to configure text input for Tuulio automation action for extract emails

Click Continue.

Step 3: Test action

After you've set the email extraction action, it’s time to test it.

When you click Test, Zapier will test your Zap by performing the action, according to how you've mapped your fields in your action step.

A successful test will show the emails extracted from the action.

Show emails automatically extracted when testing Tuulio automation action for that purpose

Further use

We're almost there! We can save those emails as a final step. We're going to use Zapier Tables. Click the + to add your next action step. Search for and select your action app and action event. We're going to select Zapier Tables for our action app and Create Record for our action event.

Zapier Tables action for creating record in a specific table

Then click Continue.

You will then be asked to select a table where your emails will be saved.

Capture data from your apps automatically

Tuulio eliminates manual copy and paste. It extracts information from your text and helps you use it in other apps. It can copy emails, numbers, website links, and more automatically.